Beer Art: Weird Beard Brew Co.

Breweries take inspiration from a never ending supply of different subjects, but something that goes hand in hand with beer is music. A whole heap of brewers have dedicated their beers to their favourite axe wielding rockers and bands, from Purple Moose’s Dark Side Of The Moose to Cambridge Brewing Company’s Sgt. Pepper Farmhouse Ale. Musicians have also swapped their mics for mash tuns and Elbow have brewed a couple of beers, Professor Green has suspect ‘herby’ ale, and Iron Maiden have lent their name to a Robinson’s beer. But Iron Maiden’s influence doesn’t stop there as Weird Beard Brew Co. are big fans and this shows through their labels.

“The inspiration for the changing skull came from the Iron Maiden character Eddie,” explained head brewer Bryan Spooner, “who changes for each album and each tour.” Bryan and a friend originally came up with the concept of their branding during the developmental stages of the brewery’s life and decided on a skull logo with hops for eyes, but at that point they were only that; ideas.

“It was all very basic at the point,” he continued, “but at an event during the start up phase of the brewery, where we were giving out samples of beer and talking about ideas, we were approached by a guy called Josh who, with the help of his designer friend Chris, offered to help us out.

“They took our rough and ready ideas and turned it into something totally amazing,” he said. “We owe those guys a lot.”

What started out as the simple idea of a skull has been turned into a mascot of their own, who shows his boney little face on all of Weird Beard’s brews. Whether he has a mohawk, a cowboy hat or an eye patch, one thing remains the same however; the beard.

Some sweet labels from Weird Beard

Some sweet labels from Weird Beard (PS Five O’Clock Shadow has a beard…even if it’s only stubble)

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