Swansea’s Boss Brewing launched craft beer democracy

In recent years the ale drinking community has witnessed somewhat of a ‘craft beer revolution.’ No longer do the big boys of brewing dictate the market; no longer are those who like a tipple subjected to the same old beers and styles when they frequent their local (well on a lesser scale anyway). Pubs are becoming less oppressed by the breweries and the dictatorships of the brewing giants are moving aside for a craft beer democracy where we the drinkers, the sippers, the people and the punters have a say, and nowhere is this more evident than Swansea’s newest brewery, Boss Brewing.

Based in Llansamlet, Swansea, Boss Brewing is the brainchild of former homebrewers Sarah John and Roy Allkin and unlike many breweries, they are brewing for their customers.

Having homebrewed in their garage using their 100L kit, Sarah and Roy made the decision last November to up their game a bit and invest in the 10BBL kit that they use today after a trip to Scotland that saw the pair visit and sample many of the local breweries and although the name suggests that they are the boss of their brewery, the final say is down the beer drinkers.

“Our tagline is ‘craft beer democracy’ and the whole ethos of our brewery is to involve the people, our drinkers, as much as possible in the beers that we brew,” Sarah explained, and so when they launch towards the end of this month, or the beginning of April, it’ll be down to the public to decide what beers they will be brewing and their followers and fans will be asked to vote on various aspects of the new brews in production.

“I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to involve the drinkers in the beers that we craft,” Sarah said. “We didn’t want to be another brewery that brews the beers that we like,” and so their drinkers’ ideas will form the backbone of their special edition beers as well as directing the beers in their ‘You’re the Boss’ range.

“How this will work in practice is that we’ll sometimes be asking them to vote on, and have the final say on, what beer they want us to brew next, whilst other times we’ll be giving them total control of the reigns by running beer recipe design competitions,” Sarah explained.

As well as their democratically brewed beers, Boss will have a core range consisting of a craft lager, a stout, and IPA and a golden ale, and the brewers, whose favourite part of the process is letting their imaginations run free, experimenting with different ingredients and pushing the boundaries, will have their beer available in pubs and restaurants in both Swansea and Cardiff, as well as farther afield in Hereford, Liverpool and Manchester.

Stay up-to-date with their launch, as well as planned tap takeovers, by following them on Twitter here!


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