Chapter’s Beer Street Festival

Although CAMRA have announced that they won’t be holding another festival this summer (although they may hold a smaller one at some point), that doesn’t mean however, that Cardiff is short of a beer festival or two, As well as the upcoming Not So Tiny Rebel beer fest at Urban Tap House and the Beer Bank festival in Cardiff Bay, Chapter is about to host its annual regional beer fest.

This year, The Canton arts centre will be taking its guests to the big smoke by brining some of the capital’s best beer from 10 independent London breweries for their Beer Street and Gin Lane event being held between Tuesday 3 – Saturday 7 March.


As well as providing their own street food style cuisine and gins from distilleries old and new, including tipples from Ealing to East Ham, Clapham to Camden, Chapter will be serving the following beers:

Brixton Brewery, Brixton

  • Reliance Pale Ale 4.2% – A light Pale Ale with strong citrus aromas
  • Effra Ale 4.5% – A smooth, session Amber Ale that balances pine, lime and grassy hops
  • Atlantic APA 5.4% – An American Pale Ale brewed with Citra, Simcoe and Galazy hops that deliver bursts of tropical fruit

Brockley Brewery, Brockley

  •  Gold 3.8% – A light, yet full-bodied Golden Ale with a pleasing bitterness
  • Pale 4.1% – A malt driven Pale Ale with hints of apricot
  • Red 4.8% – A rich, bold Red Ale brewed with European malts hitched with American hops

By The Horns Brewing Co., Wandsworth

  • Stiff Upper Lip 3.8% – A mellow, rich Pale Ale
  • The Mayor of Garratt 4.3% – A dry Best Bitter with a fruity cocoa aroma
  • Mick The Miller 4.0% – A soft caramel Amber Ale with a fruity, yet spicy, finish

Clarence & Fredrick’s, Croydon

  • Golden Ale 3.8% – A  dry grapefruit Golden Ale
  • Best Bitter 4.1% – A dry Best Bitter with a spice finish
  • Croydon Wild Hop 4.2% – A Pale Ale brewed with hops growing wild in and around the streets of Croydon

Clarkshaws Brewery, East Dulwich

  • Archer 4.0% – a light and fruity Pale Ale that’s approved for veggies
  • Gorgon’s Alive 4.0% – A Golden Ale with a blend of honey and spice
  • Phoenix Rising 4.0% – An easy drinking session Bitter with hints of spice and chocolate

East London Brewing Company, Leyton

  • Orchid 3.6% – A Mild with light hints of vanilla
  • ELB Pale 4.0% – A light and subtle Amber Ale with marmalade notes
  • Foundation Bitter 4.2% – A malty Best Bitter with a crisp finish

Hackney Brewery, Hackney

  • Golden Ale 4.0% – A refreshing and complex Golden Ale
  • Best Bitter 4.4% – A punchy caramel Best Bitter with sweet toffee aromas
  • American Pale Ale 4.5% – A dark, rich American Pale Ale

A Head in a Hat Brewery, Herne Hill

  • Tommy 4.2% – A full-bodied IPA with orangey notes
  • Titfer 3.5% – A historic Dinner Ale brewed using a recipe from 1923
  • Trilby 4.0% – A Mild with a dash of molasses

London Fields Brewery, Hackney

  • Hackney Hopster 4.2% – A Pacific Pale Ale with flavours of grapefruit, lemon zest and gooseberry
  • Love Not War 4.2% – A silky soft Red Ale with caramel flavours cuddled up with a rich pear and summer fruit character
  • Black Path Porter 4.2% – A Porter full of coffee and chocolate flavours

Sambrook’s Brewery, Battersea

  • Wandle 3.8% – A spicy Best Bitter with a quaffable lemon taste
  • Junction 4.5% – A rich, full-bodied Amber Ale with a spicy hop character
  • Pumphouse Pale Ale 4.2% – A sharp Pale Ale with a hint of smokiness

Southwark Brewing Co., Southwark

  • LPA 4.0% – A light and hoppy Pale Ale with citrus tones
  • Bermondsey Best 4.4% – A Best Bitter with a tangerine nose and a light to medium sweet flavour
  • Southwark Gold 5.2% – A Golden Ale with a peachy aroma and a grassy finish

Twickenham Fine Ales, Twickenham

  • Sundancer 3.7% – An amber Golden Ale with a pleasant biscuity edge
  • Grandstand 3.8% – A well balanced Amber Ale
  • Red Head 4.1% – A Red Ale brewed with roasted barley

So head on down to Chapter next month for a couple King Lears… that’s beers in Cockney rhyming slang don’t ya know.


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