The Beefy Boys set to come to Cardiff

Imagine the best burger that’s ever passed your lips. Chances are it’s not a Big Mac and I’ll bet you my bottom dollar it’s not a BK Whopper. My favourite burger may not be the best in the whole wide world, but it came damn close and next month it’s coming to Cardiff.

We are not deprived of burgers in Cardiff, far from it. You can’t look at a menu these days without seeing some sort of brioche bun, hand formed pattie served on some sort of chopping board or slate, but on Friday 13 March, a burger to blow all others out of the water will be gracing our city steps; the Butty Back from The Beefy Boys and it’s a an event they are relishing as it has been on the cards for a long time.

“We are really excited, it’s not too far away from us, it’s a big city and there’s a lot of stuff going on and a lot of good food outlets,” said Christian Williams of the burger team. “It’s really strong in terms in of what the local street food teams are doing there so we are excited and feel like it’s a massive challenge.

“We’ve wanted to come to you for a long time. A lot of our events are really strong with a rugby crowd and obviously there’s a rugby following in Wales so we are really looking forward to it,” he continued.

The Herefordshire based burger pop-up are in a league of their own. With the title of the UK’s best burger to their name after smashing the competition at Grillstock’s BBQ festival, as well placing second in the World Food Championships in Vegas, these guys are not one to be missed when they pop-up at Motley Movies Grease extravaganza next month and are set to inject a bit of fun and quality produce into our ever evolving street food scene.

“We are hoping to just bring our take on burgers really. The produce in Hereford is just amazing so that and a bit of fun and a bit of our cheekiness. We don’t like to take things too seriously and we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we are going to focus on putting out the best possible food we can,” he added.

As well as The Beefy Boys, Wild Fig will be providing their indulgent creme brûlée and new pop-up Macho Nacho will be serving up the starters, and on the Saturday, the amazing Slow Pig will be rolling in with their Citroen van and are also not one to be missed.

Need more persuading? Read The Plate Licked Clean’s review here! and if you want to find out more about the event and where to get tickets click here!

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3 thoughts on “The Beefy Boys set to come to Cardiff

  1. Reblogged this on Bishop's Beer Blog and commented:
    Oh My Goodness…..I just ran across this post among the many I follow. I wonder if I can find and excuse to spend the day after my 64th birthday in Cardiff……And then stay and catch the Wales vs. Ireland match in the Six Nations Rugby Tournament? Now, let me think about the appropriate beer pairings. My mouth is watering!

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