Backhand brews takes back seat to make way for WHET ales

The Handmade Beer Co. is set to honour beer’s heritage with its latest range that is inspired and infused with the methods of traditional Belgian brewing.

What started out as the Backhand Brews range for the Carmathenshire brewery has taken a change of course to craft more traditional beer styles such as Saisons and Trappist ales rather than the fruity beers they had previously planned on brewing for a number of reasons.

“Backhand brews has changed,” said their Head Brewer and Co-Founder, Ian Bowler. “It was only in the planning stages and following feedback about the name I decided to change it.

“A couple of people asked if there was a tennis link, and not being a big fan decided it wasn’t the right choice!” he continued and after some thought he decided to focus on traditional Belgian styles rather than adding crazy ingredients.

“I’m going to concentrate on Belgian styles and follow their tradition of adding herbs, spices and flavoured sugars to enhance the lovely Belgian yeast and malt flavours rather than trying to create a new in your face experience,” he explained. “I think this will be a more sustainable route to take in the long run. A lot of people enjoy Belgian style ales,” he added, but this wasn’t the only factor in his decision to shelve the Backhand Brews in favour of the WHET project.

“I didn’t want to get caught up in the current trend of throwing loads of hops into beer,” Ian said. “I wanted to show that you can get a complex range of flavours in other ways. Don’t get me wrong I like hop forward beers and I’m sure they will always have their place, but I reckon people are looking for something else, something less tiring on the palate,” he finished.

The WHET ale project, as in whet your appetite, will soon be launching and will feature beers such as Wandering Cleric, an Abbey Style Ale weighing in at 6%, and  Deheubarth, a hoppy Welsh ale of 5.6%.

Photo attributed to The Handmade Beer Co.

Photo attributed to The Handmade Beer Co.

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