The Hopbunker set to open

If you fancied a beer a few years ago, you’d be stuck with a pint of SA. If you want one now however, you’d be spoiled for choice. With a plethora of options for you to chose from with likes of Tiny Rebel and Waen opening their own respective bars, not to mention BrewDog dabbling this side of the Severn and Wetherspoons’ crafty crusade to bring beer to the masses, there’s more venues than ever to get your lips around a hoppy beverage, but there’s somewhere new on the horizon; The Hopbunker.

Located where the old Barfly nightclub used to be, The Hopbunker will be operated by two of Wales’ top craft breweries, Hopcraft and Pixie Springs and is set to offer even more of a choice for the capital’s beer drinkers with a maximum of 12 beers on cask and 20 keg beers.

“We wanted to sell beer in Cardiff, which despite being less of a Brains closed shop these days, is still a hard market to get into,” said the Hopcraft’s owner Gazza Prescott. “Havine seen various other brewers open their own bars with the sole purpose of getting a city centre outlet, we were on the lookout for somewhere,” he added.

“People can expect a bare-bones concrete cellar dispensing some excellent beers,” said Gazza and therefore the concrete cellar will adopt an industrial chic décor with the beer being the main event.

“We want to put as much emphasis on the beer as possible so we’re having the beer and keg dispenser specially made for us along with, hopefully, some of the fittings,” Gazza continued. “We’re aiming for an industrial look with the beer doing the talking.”

Aiming for a February opening the bar will showcase their own beers, as well as their favourite brews from their fellow Welsh brewers and from those further afield, and will complement an already booming craft beer scene in Cardiff that boasts the likes of Urban Tap House, The Gravity Station, The City Arms and Zerodegrees, as well as specialist bottle shops such as The Discount Supermarket.

Cardiff’s craft beer scene is on the up and there seems there’s no stopping it.



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