Five Guys to launch in Cardiff

Originally written by me and published on It’s On Cardiff.

Forget your Mcdonalds and forget your Burger Kings because Five Guys is taking the UK by storm and is getting ready for it’s first store this side of the Severn.

Originally established in Washington DC by Jerry Murrell and his quartet of sons in 1986, hence the name, the US burger giant has been rapidly expanding on both sides of the Atlantic with over 1,200 US joints to its name, as well as opening 15 UK restaurants since bringing its burgers to our shores in July last year. Now Five Guys have set their sights west to open their first ever restaurant in Wales.

“We’ve been focusing on the trend setting markets as a priority and some say you have to march across the UK in an orderly fashion but we are picking cities that are setting the tone,” explained John Eckbert, the chain’s UK Chairman. “Cardiff is an important city in the UK, especially for us, and has been on our radar for some time,” he continued.

Five Guys set to open in Cardiff (Photography by Chicago Photographer Tyler Mallory with permission of Five Guys UK)

Five Guys set to open in Cardiff (Photography by Chicago Photographer Tyler Mallory with permission of Five Guys UK)

Set to open early next year in Cardiff’s city centre, Five Guys will be bolstering an already booming burger scene, but what they claim sets them apart from other chains is their commitment to freshness.

“Five Guys is a very simple offering,” explained John. “Its menu is quite limited, it’s just burgers and fries but what makes us distinct is the way we cook our food.

“If you’re going to make a burger for your mum what would you do?” he continued. “Well, we start with picking the best ingredients.”

From their apple-smoked bacon to their hand formed, grain fed beef patties, and from their fresh cut French fries, everything is done in house, and there’s not a freezer in sight.

“It’s that attention to freshness,” John said. “What Pret did to sandwiches, we are doing to burgers.”

As well as this however, the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to packing the garnish on top of your patty. With 15 different toppings and sauces, there’s a total of 250,000 different ways to have your bespoke burger.

“We are very excited to be there and we think it’ll be a great area for us,” John proudly stated, and it’s fair to say, we are too!


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