Truly local beer, Taff Temptress, is born

Last month saw the Cardiff’s green fingered community come together for the harvest of their hops to be delivered to the capital’s craft brewery Pipes and now the resultant brew is ready for sipping!

The beer, Taff Temptress, will be available as of this weekend so get on it for a true taste of the city.

“The Taff Temptress has arrived,” announced Sam Holt, who organised the scheme, to his fellow hop growers on Facebook. “Pipes Beer are taking pre-orders on the bottles, which will start going on sale this Saturday 25 October,” he continued.

“I’ll be putting our very local ‘Taff Temptress’ on at Chapter Arts in cask this weekend,” said Simon Doherty, founder of Pipes, to the same group.

The brewery will be hosting an event to celebrate the launch of the beer on November 1, with details to follow.

Check out more details on the Facebook group here!

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