Top Welsh Halloween Beers

For one night, and one night only, it becomes socially acceptable to rip off our bed sheets, cut a couple of holes in it, grab a bin bag and hit the streets in search of sweets. For some however, the allures of trick or treating, of apple bobbing and of fancy dress may be childish, kids play and hogwash and for all those who have outgrown the fun and games of Halloween, here’s a little guide to the top Welsh seasonal beers this All Hallows’ Eve.

Open Casket-Brains

Featuring the brewery’s first ever motion-effect pump clip, Open Casket is a deep-red, full-bodied seasonal ale launched for Halloween and is available throughout October. As the pint il pulled, the spooky face adorning the pump changes and is a first for the Cardiff brewery.

“It’s a real talking point; we believe it to be the first ever Halloween beer to use lenticular printing on the pump clip – and has a great bar call. We think customers will be dying to try it this Halloween,” said Bruce Newman, head of marketing at Brains.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 20.25.51

Divine Yule Saison-The Celt Experience x The Waen Brewery

A collaboration between two of Wales’ heavyweights, Divine Yule is a pumpkin saison and fits comfortably into The Celt Experience’s mystical Shapeshifter Series, with its bone chilling imagery that looks fresh out of a horror film.

Celt also have another paranormal beer up their sleeve as they are currently brewing The Witch Beer, a ‘stupidly hoppy’ session IPA brewed and cursed using ingredients stolen from a bunch of Whitchurch Witches.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 20.32.51

I See Dead People-Mad Dog Brewing Co.

Although only recently launching, Mad Dog aren’t hanging around and have been experimenting with all sorts of flavours up in Cwmbran to brew truly ‘messed up’ beer. As well as a strawberry pale ale and a juniper winter IPA, they’ve also got a Halloween saison in their arsenal. Deep amber  in colour, Mad Dog’s pumpkin saison is brewed with roasted pumpkin.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 20.41.28


Squashed-Brains Craft

Brewed using pumpkins grown at Hendrewennol and in the gardens of Brains’ Tŷ Mawr pub in North Cardiff, Squashed offers sweet flavours of roasted pumpkin balanced with a complex blend of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice.

The pub has been cultivating their vegetable patch in 2011 to provide their kitchen with fresh and seasonal vegetables and herbs but they also grow their own hops which have been used in Brains’ Green Dragon.

“A lot of hard work has gone in to preparing, cultivating and maintaining our vegetable garden here at The Tŷ Mawr. Not only is it great that we can say our herbs and vegetables were grown here in the pub, but we can also say we’ve had a hand in the beer on the bar too,” said Graham, the manager of the Tŷ Mawr.


Spice Punk’n Ale-PIPES

Using a secret blend of pumpkin-pie spices and 100% pure pumping to brew this seasonal beer, PIPES have created a sweet yet spicy ale that is sure to warm your cockles now that the rain clouds have returned to the capital.


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