Tudor Brewery bulges with new new building

Just like Henry VIII’s waistband, the Tudor Brewery is starting to bulge, but whereas poor old Henry’s increased by a good few inches, Tudor’s brewery has expanded by a good few thousand square feet.

The Llanhilleth brewers have recently increased the size of their brewery by adding a new building near the original site and will celebrating the opening on Saturday 11th October with an open day, after having to originally postpone it due to a couple of leaky boilers.

“The new building gives us another 3,000sq ft of space, so that takes us up to 4,000sq ft,” said the brewery’s Managing Director, Jaime Devine. “We have more brewing capacity and this allows us to produce around 90 firkins per week. Not bad for a little operation,” he added.

“We have retained the old site, which is just opposite the new building as we needed to expand and this space is still being utilised, with all the brewing being undertaken in that area and the offices, storage, dispatch areas and the bar area in the new building,” he continued.

For just £20 per ticket, you can gain access to their bar, stocked with at least four of their beers and a guest ale, as well as enjoy a live band, food, look around the brewery and chat to Tudor’s brewers.

If you fancy going along, head over to their Facebook page to get a ticket but be quick as they are limited to 100!

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