Good things come in fours for The Celt Experience

They say that good things come in threes but in the case of Caerphilly brewers, The Celt Experience, good things most certainly come in four; four new beers to be precise.

First up is their new House Lager ABV 5% that will be replacing their current offering, Cwrw. “It will be a lot more flavoursome and interesting!” said Rachel Harris of Celt’s visual design department. The new dry-hopped, Czech style lager, brewed with Pilsner, Cara Pils and Munich malts has a citrus finish and a berry aroma.

Moving up from the Czech Republic to Berlin, the next arrival is Lammas Harvest ABV 5.4%, which has been brewed in their Cell Rebirth nano-brewery. “Lammas Harvest is a tart and lemon Berliner Weisse with bold gooseberry and thyme characters, sour mashed for 36 hours with lemon thyme,” explained Rachel. Although a Berlin style beer, it stays true the brewery’s Celtic roots with its name, which is the festival of the wheat harvest and is part of the Neo-Pagan annual cycle of seasonal festivals known as the Wheel of the Year.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 20.06.21

Next up is The Black Book ABV 5.3%, a Dark Saison infused and percolated with dried ginger, bitter orange peel, heather and pink peppercorns that has been brewed especially for the imminent Bristol Beer Week and takes its name from The Black Book of Carmarthen. “It’s thought to be the earliest surviving manuscript written solely in Welsh containing a collection of 9th-12th Century poetry, touching on subjects such as religion, praise and mourning,” Rachel explained. “The book also talks of Arthur and Myrddin (also known as Merlin) predating Geoffrey of Monmouth’s account. Proving that the Arthurian tales are TOTALLY Welsh!” she continued.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 20.04.17

We started with a lager and we’ll end with one too, but this one hasn’t been brewed just yet. “We also have another lager ‘Migration’ ABV 6.5% in the pipeline, which we should be brewing soon,” Rachel said. With all of these shooting out of the brewery soon, fans of The Celt Experience have a lot to get their mouths around in the coming months.

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