Brains brew up a fiesta with their latest beer

The Mexican Wave originated in Mexico right? It’s about as Mexican as a Luchador sat atop a donkey, with a sombrero upon his head and a plate of sizzling fajitas in his hand, right? Wrong. Despite popular belief, the Mexican Wave originated in the 1970s in North American baseball games and was known simply as ‘The Wave.’ It was bought to the attention of a global audience however during the 1986 FIFA World Cup down in Mexico, hence it being dubbed ‘The Mexican Wave’ to those outside of North America. Yeah, I know your whole world has just been flipped upside down, but wait because there’s more… dark Mexican style lager is also Mexican right? Right? Wrong again.

“Considering it’s a Mexican beer style, it actually originated in Austria,” explained Danny Champken, the brains behind Brains latest craft offering, Mexican Wave. “They just took it over there,” he continued, “and our take on it uses Mexican lager yeast.

Danny and his feline friend, Thomas.

Danny and his feline friend, Thomas.

Danny, (who has previously contributed to The Grill & Barrel) whose role as Brand Executive includes shaping trends and using Brains Craft Brewery to its full potential, pitched the idea to head brewer Bill Dobson after spotting a gap in their current craft range, mixed with his own personal taste of Mexican cuisine. “I love Mexican food, hence I was keen to do this style,” he said. “I came up with a beer style we hadn’t attempted yet that would be on trend and seasonally appropriate,” he continued, and today marked the first brew of Mexican Wave


“I was chuffed that Bill liked my idea and invited me into the brewery to help put it together,” Danny said. “It’s been a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to enjoy a pint of my beer with some of my favourite Mexican food!”

The dark Mexican lager, brewed with lime, will be delivered to selected pubs from the 14th of September; so don’t forget to get yourself down to a Brains pub to enjoy a pint of it with a big ol’ plate of nachos.

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