Brains brew beers for Barack and friends

While some of us are cursing the arrival of NATO and the 67 visiting heads of state and government, and while the rest of us are just ogling in awe at the machine gun clad policeman patrolling Cardiff’s high street, Brains on the other hand are choosing to celebrate the summit in the only way the brewery knows how; by brewing beer.

A trio of limited edition beers have been concocted exclusively for the conference in honour of three of the international big wigs; Obama, Merkel and Cameron and will be available exclusively at Tredegar House for a drinks reception on September 4th.

“It’s not very often you get 67 heads of state and government descending on Wales so it’s great to be able to showcase our brewing credentials to a global audience,” said Bruce Newman, head of marketing at Brains. “As Wales’ best loved brewer, we’re delighted to welcome Barack, Angela and Dave to Newport and Cardiff,” he continued.

Obeerma, the strongest of the three beers (and arguably strongest of the three heads of government) weighing in at 6%, is a robust IPA with a pine and citrus profile, whereas Beer Cam ABV 4.2% is described as a coalition of flavours, with hints of tropical fruits and finally Merkale ABV 4.3% is a crisp golden ale with honeysuckle and melon aromas.

Although the beers are only available for the Tredegar House event, a limited number of the beers will be given away via the brewery’s Twitter and Facebook pages to the people who come up with the best NATO related beer puns, with the best one winning a set of all three.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 09.10.37


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