The Handmade Beer Co. set to release Backhand Brews

The Handmade Beer Co. is about to serve up a new range of beers that are on a completely different court from their more traditional Handmade range. The Backhand Brews will see Head Brewer and Co-Founder Ian Bowler experiment with different styles and flavours of beers.

“I wanted to keep the Handmade range of beers more traditional,” Ian explained, “so the Backhand brand will be an opportunity to do some more off the wall experiments.”

The new brand will kick off with a Sour Lemon and Honey Saison, a beer that recently won the opportunity to get brewed after it’s creator, co-founder of Hop and Barley Magazine Simon James, took first place in the UK Craft Beer Nation Homebrew Competition, run in association with the Carmarthenshire brewery, but will also feature some rather fruity IPAs as well as a Braggot.  A historic Welsh brew, Braggot (or Bragawd), is a cross between a beer and a mead, mixed with herbs and spices and was traditionally brewed in monasteries including the Friary of Carmarthen.

The roster of Backhand beers will be constantly rotating however, and there is no set plan as to what Ian may brew up.

“I want to keep it exciting, so I will be trying to do lots of different brews rather than a few constants,” he graphic designer turned brewer continued. “I want it to be organic so I’m not going to sit down and write a list of beers in a range, I’m just going to ‘go with the flow’ as it were,” he finished.

There hasn’t been an announcement with regards to a release date for the Backhand Brews but a test batch of the Saison is well underway and the range which marks a stark change from Handmade’s current offerings that include their Welsh Gold, Pale Ale and Porter, but just go to show the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of Welsh microbreweries.

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