Top 10 fictional pubs you want to drink in

After having your fictional fill from the top 10 restaurants and eating holes that have starred on the big and small screen alike, it’s time to head out on a pub crawl of the top 10 fictional pubs and bars to sink a few brews, just try don’t get yourself killed by a pirate, jedi or knight of the realm will you.

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Bob’s Country Bunker-The Blue’s Brothers

It’ll take a little while to get there but whether you’re thirsty or you’re hungry or whether you’re just driving through Bob’s Country Bunker is the perfect spot to suck back a couple of beers and dig into the state’s best pepper steaks, but you better enjoy the only two types of music in these parts; Country and Western.

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The Three Broomsticks-Harry Potter

You’re not of legal age to perform magic outside of Hogwarts? Pfft who cares because there doesn’t seem to be a legal drinking age amongst the wizarding world, so pull up a stool and order yourself a hearty tankard of butterbeer or if you’ve had a particularly hard Potions class with Snape, make it a double Firewhisky.

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Moe’s Tavern-The Simpsons

It may not have passed its food hygiene inspection with flying colours but let’s face it, you don’t come to Moe’s for a plate of gourmet food. You come to relax after a tedious day of work down at the Nuclear Power Plant and stay for the Duff.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 20.39.24

Crossroads Inn-Game of Thrones

The Crossroads Inn, or The Inn at the Crossroads, provides the perfect setting to kick back after a long day of riding down The Kingsroad. As long as your fighting for the right king you’ll be welcome to fill your horn with ale and tuck into a lamprey pie.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 19.25.08

The Drunken Clam-Family Guy

Sick of your wife’s nasally whining? Or your son’s stupidity? Or your baby’s evil plotting? Or even just sick of your daughter? Head over to The Drunken Clam for a pint of Pawtucket Patriot Ale and a crazy night with the guys and your dog.

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Maclaren’s-How I Met Your Mother

Whether it may mean waking up with a butterfly tramp stamp or a pineapple next to your bed, every fan of Ted and the gang knows that any legen-wait for it-dary night out always starts with a few bottles of beer in Maclaren’s.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 19.27.40

The Winchester-Shaun of the Dead

Not only a traditional boozer where you can sink a few pints of real ale whilst throwing a couple darts and potting some pool balls, the pub also doubles up as a safe haven to regroup and rearm for the imminent zombie apocalypse.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 19.35.17

Mos Eisley Cantina-Star Wars

A popular haunt amongst freight pilots and space pirates, the Tattooine based tavern aint for the faint hearted and you may just end up getting your arm sliced off by a lightsaber, but it beats being out in a sandstorm.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 19.37.27

The Captain’s Daughter-Pirates of the Caribbean

From space pirates to the swash buckling, rum swilling, loot stealing kind that sails the Seven Seas that dwell in The Captain’s Daughter located in the dank backstreets of London. At this time in history, you knew a tavern was pirate friendly if the inn’s sign wore a hat, and sure enough, the Captain’s daughter be wearing a hat so if you’re looking to put together a crew of salty sea dogs, or are just after a bit of grog, The Captain’s Daughter is the perfect pub for you.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 19.31.45

The Nag’s Head-Only Fools and Horses

If you’re in the market for a bit of a deal in Peckham, The Nag’s Head is the place to go to trade your hard earned money for anything from posh perfume to hairdryers with Del Boy (and they’re all genuine and in working order). If you’re lucky, you may even see him try to lean on the bar.

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