Top Welsh Burger Toppers: Part 2

Well look who it is… you’re back for some more burger toppers (check out Part 1 here) to make your taste buds party harder than Rick Salomon when he went to Paris for the night. But you’re not here for the Paris Hilton sex tape jokes, you’re here for another five of the best burger toppers made right here in Wales, so without further ado, and in no particular order, here they are…

Hang Fire Smokehouse’s South Carolina Mustard Sauce

Over the past year or so, the Hang Fire girls have asserted themselves as the BBQ queens of Wales and as well as pulling pork, smoking ribs, brisket and hot links, stuffing hoagies and just generally serving up a good ol’ time, Sam and Shauna make all their own sauces from scratch, week in, week out. For just a tenner you can bag yourself the full trio from their pop-up events, but my favourite has to be the South Carolina Mustard Sauce. The sharp twangy sauce is perfect to douse your burger, or any meat for that matter in, but why stop there when you can use it to make these crispy onion straws?! Just pour the mustard in a bowl, slice your onion into strips, soak them in the mustard, then chuck them in a bowl of seasoned flour and coat them evenly before gently dropping them in a saucepan of oil until they are a lovely golden brown.

I would have used all three sauces in the photo but my dad went and smashed the third.

I would have used all three sauces in the photo but my dad went and smashed the third.

Lodor Fach’s Treacle Cured Bacon

The Pembrokeshire farm and butcher shop sells a whole array of fine meat at the Roath and Riverside Markets, as well as in Fishguard, Haverfordwest, Pembroke and Carmarthen, from sweet Preseli lamb to burgers and dry cured gammon, but their Treacle Cured Bacon is an ideal match for a Krispy Kreme cheese burger, especially if you candy the bacon first (to candy that bacon, use our recipe here). Just don’t tell your dentist.

You may not be convinced, but don't knock it until you've tried it.

You may not be convinced, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Chilli of the Valley’s Dodger

Made using chillies grown in the valleys, this jammy little number is Wales’ answer to Thai sweet chilli sauce. A sweet and sticky sauce, with just the right amount of kick, The Dodger is the perfect partner to most sarnies and burgers, but try a spoonful or two with some grilled haloumi and you won’t be sorry.

Now that is a jammy dodger

Now that is a jammy dodger.

Trealy Farm’s Chorizo

Another Roath and Riverside favourite, Trealy Farm are leading the way in British charcuterie with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall describing their products as “the best artisan charcuterie in the UK.” Their chorizo is perhaps the most delicious you will ever taste on these shores and work best in Italian dishes, so top your burger with the meaty little guys, a good helping of tomato pasta sauce, and some grated cheese to make a bellissimo pizza burger.

Oh come here you saucy little minx.

Oh come here you saucy little minx.

Blaenafon Cheddar Company’s Dragon’s Breath

Based in Blaenafon (obviously), the cheese company use the best Welsh products to make a whole heap of different cheddars, from Rev James Ale to Penderyn Whisky, but their best is Dragon’s Breath, or Anadl y Ddraig. Entombed in a fiery wax the colour of the Welsh Dragon’s scales, the strong cheddar is made with hot chillies and Brains S.A. thus making it possibly the most patriotic cheese in the land. With this one, you’ve gotta keep it simple and let the cheese do the talking, so just melt a chunk of that cheddar on top.

I won't even attempt a cheesy pun on this one.

I won’t even attempt a cheesy pun on this one.

If you’ve got any Welsh condiments that you recon should be in the next part, tweet me @thegrillandbarrel

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