Swansea’s Smoke Haus opens in Cardiff

Crazes come and go; Pokémon, yoyos, Tamagotchies, Furbies. No matter how they seem to grip a generation of school kids, they always seem to fade. Even those loom bands that adorn many a kids’ wrist (and a fair few adults) will soon fade and be discarded and will be sentenced to a life of dust collecting on a playroom shelf. Even the food world is full of fads like fondue of the seventies or the cronut (the belt busting love child of a croissant and a doughnut). But one thing that aint no passing playground fad, aint no short-lived culinary craze, is Southern style barbecue food and as of Monday 25th of August, Cardiff will say hello to it’s latest BBQ diner; The Smoke Haus.

The popular Swansea based BBQ joint will be opening the doors of its second restaurant to the public of Cardiff this Bank Holiday so get your bibs at the ready.

“Following the success of The Smoke Haus, Swansea, we felt that we needed a platform in the capital,” said Mark Power, the restaurant’s owner. “We are passionate about the food that we produce and this leads to a yearning to share our food philosophy with anyone who will listen,” he continued.

With a menu inspired by Mark’s own American adventures, supplemented by popular TV shows such as Man v Food and Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, he is passionate about delivering authentic American food. “We will be delivering the most incredible cuts of meat sourced from local butchers and farmers, smoked in house and served with our own home made sauces,” he proudly stated. “We will be serving burgers, ribs (both beef and pork, steaks, hot dogs, sandwiches, pulled pork and brisket, each combined with some great American flavours,” he continued.

The new Smoke Haus will be calling Mary Ann Street its new home (underneath the Cineworld complex, you know, opposite the Motorpoint Arena), and with the city’s vibrant food and drink scene, the capital was an obvious choice for their expansion. Cardiff has welcomed the stuff with loving arms and grumbling bellies over the past year or so and as such BBQ is here, it aint gunna disappear and with the arrival of The Smoke Haus, the city has really kicked it up a gear.

Photo courtesy of The Smoke Haus

Photo courtesy of The Smoke Haus


The Smoke Haus will be opening at 12pm on Monday 25th August and then 12-10 all day Sunday-Thursday and 12-10:30 Friday and Saturday.


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