Tudor team up with Follow Your Dreams charity

Beer can get a bad rep. If you think of Stella for example, you automatically think of wife beating. But beer isn’t bad, especially not Tudor’s because when you think of their Blorenge ale, you should automatically think about their work with Follow Your Dreams.

The brewery has now teamed up with Follow Your Dreams, a charity that supports children with learning disabilities, and 10p from every bottle of Blorenge sold will be donated to them to help with their efforts.

“It is important to us to give something back to the community in which we live in and this seemed like the ideal charity to work with,” said Jaime Devine, Tudor’s brewery Managing Director. “Before I took over the running of the brewery I was a teacher for nearly 12 years and the final two years of my tenure was as a Special Education Needs and Disabilities Tutor,” he continued. “I loved this role and I learned as much from the students as they learned from me. Being able to help a charity that focuses on a ‘can do’ attitude and not a negative approach to disabilities is great for us.”

As well as their charitable work, Tudor have also collaboratively worked with the Steelhouse Festival recently to bring real ale to the Welsh music event, and through this work they are really cementing themselves within their local community.


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