The Rollin’ Hot Dog Co. and Pipes come together for Hop Dogs

Gwdihw may be Welsh for owl but on Wednesday 13th August, the venue is all about the dogs… Oh and the beer of course, because the venue is teaming up with Holly from The Rollin’ Hot Dog Co. and Simon from Pipes brewery for Hop Dogs; a night of pure beer and hot dog heaven.

“We’ve hooked up with our friends from Pipes Beer and The Rollin’ Hot Dog Co. to bring you a night of finely balanced pairings of bangers and beer!” Gwdihw announced on Facebook. “We’ll be serving up six types of hot dog and six different beers and you’ll get a third of a hot dog and pint each time.”

“We’re most looking forward to just tasting everything really and seeing everyone have an AWESOME time!” said James Chant, Gwdihw’s Event Manager. “We absolutely love Simon/Pipes and Holly/Rollin’ Hot Dog Co. here at Gwdihw and have worked with both of them for ages – Simon’s been with us from the start,” he continued.

The pairing lineup currently stands as follows (but the remaining two are being kept a closely guarded secret by Holly and Simon, and Gwdihw’s staff aren’t even in the know):

  • The Classic with Californian Pale
  • BBQ Slaw with Altbeer
  • The Bronco with Americam IPA
  • Texan Chilli with Saison

Not only will there be class A dogs and top notch beer, there’ll also be tunes to give your ears a little bit of a treat too. “We’ll have the amazing DJ skillz of Chris ‘Double Cee’ Conroy (of Hully Gully/Bad Books fame) keeping everyone jiggy whilst they down their dogs and beer,” said James, making for a real banger of an event (gettit?! Banger? Because it’s a sausage… ah forget it).


Tickets cost £10 and are available from HERE! But you can also catch Holly and her hot dogs at Gwdihw on the following dates:

  • Sat 2nd August – Blue Honey (from 9pm)
  • Sat 9th August – Fat City (from 9pm)
  • Fri 15th August – Tuxedo Junction (from 9pm)
  • Sat 23rd August –Motown! (from 9pm)
  • Sat 30th August – Owl Sanctuary Fundraiser (1pm-4pm) + Hully Gully (from 9pm)

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