Crafty Devil continue their Cardiff charge

The Crafty Devil boys may have only a few months of brewing under their belts but they have taken the city by storm and theirĀ infiltration into the capital’s craft beer scene is picking up pace.

As well as picking up second place at The Lansdowne’s beer festival, the brewing duo have experienced sell out appearances at the Roath and Riverside markets and it seems people can’t get enough of their Triple A, a refreshing American amber ale with a delicious citrus twang.

“We are also currently developing our super pale American IPA which will be our Ale House Rock,” said co-owner Rhys Watkins. “We will have two beers on at The Pilot’s Beer and BBQ festival on August Bank Holiday, both in bottles and keg,” he continued, “and we are going to have our bottles on sale at Gravity Station hopefully by the end of August, early September.”

Their hard work is really paying the Devil dividends and it seems that Cardiff has acquired a taste for the horned little fella.

Pic attributed to Jordan Harris
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