The Celt Experience rebrand their bottles

At the heart of The Celt Experience’s beers lie their ancient Celtic roots. Rife with mythology, heaped in mystery and now bottled in brand new bottles to reflect their legendary history even more.

“We’re rebranding our core range bottles to reflect the Celtic mythology behind the names of our beers,” explained Rachel Harris of Celt’s visual design department. “Every single one has a story based in Celtic history or myth,” she continued, such as Bleddyn 1075 for example, an IPA named after King Bleddyn who ruled in Powys and Gwynedd until he died in 1075 and these will now be illustrated and brought to life by Estonian artist Siret Roots.

“Anything with a higher ABV than 4.5 will be in our new Celt embossed 330ml bottles,” Rachel continued. “Everything else will be going into our new 500ml bottles. We’ll also be introducing some new beers to the range, including Hallstatt, a farmhouse fruit saison. All bottles will now also be Unfiltered.”

The designs, which are now in the final design stages, will also feature food-matching suggestions as well as the stories behind the beers, and will be rolled out in early Autumn.

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