Beer Art: Crafty Devil Brewing Co.

In the world of craft beer, that’s more competitive than a Russian weightlifter, not only do you need a beer that will kick its competitors in the teeth, you need a name and a logo to jump off the shelves or bar, grab people by the collar and shout “TRY ME!” Luckily for Crafty Devil, all these things came together quite naturally.

“The name was a bit of a eureka moment,” explained Rhys Watkins who co-owns the Canton based brewery with Adam Edinborough. “We were bouncing around names via text, mainly around the word ‘crafty’ and then the devil came up and we loved it. It was exactly the kind of name we were looking for.”

Their design stage was equally as swift, partly due to their designer who Rhys said got the brief straight away and therefore they avoided the to-ing and fro-ing that usually occurs between the client and the agency.

This designer, Matt Price from Octopus Creative, was tasked with creating a character to plaster across their beer range as well as developing their copy and rebranding their Twitter account. “I developed three slightly different renditions of a devil,” he said, “a cleaner, stylised demon, a grungy, meaner version and a cuter, cartoon style option.

“Every logo design project is different. Some can go through multiple stages of development but with this project the owners really like the grungy, black and white logo and we proceeded with a bottle label design from there,” he continued.

Matt's three designs (Pics courtesy of Matt Price)

Matt’s three designs (Pics courtesy of Matt Price)

As well as designing the devil motif, Matt is also working on their new website splash page and their beer labels including ALExi Lalas which originally featured a caricature of the footballer by Rhys’ sisters’ partner, Scott Lang.

“The packaging design needed to be cheap to produce and cost effective in terms of it being able to be used across multiple products,” Matt rationalised.”With this in mind we worked on a single colour label which had ‘write on’ areas for the Brew, ABV and descriptions, meaning one label could be modified for different ale blends.

“I deliberately went for a ‘low-tech,’ handmade feel to reinforce their company’s ethos of producing small brews that are more flexible and experimental than their larger competitors,” he said.

Crafty Devil's Triple A (Pic attributed to Jordan Harris)

With beer that has already proved popular at the Roath and Riverside Farmers’ Markets and The Lansdowne pub, a name that suits their company’s personality and a design that reflects their ethos, Crafty Devil are well on their way to taking Cardiff by storm.

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