Charity eating contest at The Deck

In my life I’ve faced some trials, many I’ve conquered, like riding a bike with no stabilisers or standing up to a playground bully, but one that I succumbed to and that still haunts me to this day is The Mega Deck challenge. On that day, I was beaten by an almighty omelette fit for the stomachs of the gods. Many have tried and failed at the hands of the eight egg beast all in the name of glory, but now competitors can enter for a better cause.

On the 4th and 5th of October, Pistachio Inc. in conjunction with The Deck are hosting a charity contest to raise money for BulliesOut, which attempts to address the issues about bullying. Just as it takes a brave person to stand up to bullying, it takes a brave person to step up to the plate and demolish the omelette that only two people have ever conquered!

“The funds will be given to local charity BulliesOut,” explained Marina Lois of Pistachio Inc. “to help them continue their support of children, school and parents encountering bullying. It will also help them maintain their online victim’s support chat room.”

The event came about when Marina, a regular at The Deck in the Bay, a secret fan of Man v. Food and a supporter of BulliesOut to boot, put all these strands together. “I figured it would make an awesome but fun challenge for those brave enough to step up,” Marina continued, “I took the idea to the incredible Debra and Mike who run The Deck and they loved it!”

The Mega Deck Challenge

If you think you’re up to the challenge of wolfing down two four egg omelettes, 300g of chicken, 300g of bacon, 6 sausages, 200g of mozzarella, 100g of cheddar, 200g of coleslaw, a pepper and a sprinkling of cress in under 40 minutes, and want to raise some money for a brilliant cause, you can pick up an entry form in The Deck or email Marina for one ( Entry costs £30 and there’s a minimum of £150 to raise as their target is between £2,000-£3,000. You can also come along and spectate the mass eggs-ecution for just £2.50. There is also a prize for the person who finishes in the quickest time and the person who raises the most cash!


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