Q&A with BrewDog Cardiff ahead of their launch

If you ask most people in Cardiff what the has been the capital’s biggest news this year, I’m positive that 98% will tell you that it’s the opening of BrewDog’s first Welsh bar (the remaining 2% may say it was Camilla Parker-Bowles paying us a visit a couple of weeks ago). After months of speculation over Twitter as to when exactly they will be swinging open their doors and cracking open a some bottles, the time has come and they have opened for a soft launch tonight prior to their main launch on Friday.

In preparation for the grand opening, I caught up with the bar’s assistant manager, Matt Thompson, to find out a bit more about what they will have in store for the capital’s craft beer community.

BrewDog CardiffHow has the work on the bar been coming along?

It’s going great! The entire team has gone above and beyond to create a space that’s going to turn heads not just in Cardiff but across the UK. Obviously no craft beer bar would be complete without beer and we’ve certainly spent more than a few hours planning an epic beer selection to go along with the amazing venue.

BrewDog is a company that’s constantly looking to push the envelope, always moving forward and never looking back. The Cardiff bar will be a showcase of that ethos and something that all our customers can be really proud of.

What do you think the new bar will bring to Cardiff’s blooming beer scene?

Over the past year, Cardiff has slowly been showing that it too can stand up to the established craft beer centres such as Bristol and London. BrewDog Cardiff is simply another feather the capital can add to its cap.  We’re really appreciative of all the hard work that has gone into the local craft beer scene so far and we hope we can help cement Cardiff as one of the truly great UK beer destinations.

What can we expect from BrewDog Cardiff in terms of beer, food and possible events?

BrewDog Cardiff will bring that same commitment to great beer that our fans have come to expect from all our bars. We’ll be sourcing only the very best beers from across the globe so expect to see the likes of Stone, Mikkeller and Victory alongside rarities that may never have touched Welsh soil before. We’ll also be stocking beers from a wide variety of home grown talent such as Magic Rock, Siren and Celt Experience.

The kitchen will be serving up some of the tastiest burgers, dawgs and tater tots imaginable, all of which will be crying out to be paired with one of the 30 beers on tap or a bottle from our extensive selection.

As for events, we have plenty of crazy ideas floating around and once we move past the opening phase these will be a major focus for us. Expect the unexpected.

Is there anything planned for the grand opening?

Now that would be telling. You’ll just have to come down on Friday and see for yourselves!

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