Crafty Devil Brewing launches in Cardiff

The Lansdowne pub has become a haven of beer and BBQ in Cardiff. As well as hosting Hang Fire Smokehouse for their most recent pop-up stint, the Canton boozer has also picked up the accolade of Cardiff’s top pub from CAMRA but more recently it has seen the debut of the capital’s latest craft brewery; Crafty Devil.

Owned by former construction worker Adam Edinborough and Civil Servant Rhys Watkins, Crafty Devil has rocketed onto Cardiff’s booming craft beer scene with their first ale, ALExi Lalas. Although only starting to homebrew in March of this year, Adam, Rhys and ALExi have already impressed drinkers at their Canton local and the ALExi, an American Red, came runner up in The Lansdowne’s Beer Festival.

The Crafty Devil Boys (pic attributed to Jordan Harris)
Friends since their school days, Adam and Rhys have always had a passion for top notch beer and it was this passion mixed with being in the right place at the right time that spurred them on.

“It was a passion for beer and timing really,” explained Rhys, “Adam has wanted to take a back seat in construction for a while so when he moved back to Cardiff from London it was perfect.” The final pieces of motivation to fulfil their beer drenched dream came Otley Brewery and Hang Fire Smokehouse as well as The Landsdowne. “We were inspired after visiting Otley Brewery who were encouraging and said we should give it a go,” Rhys continued. “Within a week we bought our brewing kit and enough malt and hops to sink a ship!

“The other motivation came from The Lansdowne Pub and the Hang Fire BBQ girls, who were an inspiration on how they set up their business,” Rhys explained but this, however, isn’t where the connections with the BBQ gals ends. Both sharing an infatuation with the ‘Land of the Free’ and the ‘Home of the Brave,’ Crafy Devil’s core range is heavily influenced by the brewing revolution across the pond.

“When Adam discovered the American craft beer scene when visiting the USA, he loved the way beer was being taken to another level,” explained Rhys. “It was the way that in such a large corporate country, small brewers were making their mark against the big brewers.”

After deciding to take the plunge into the world of beer, all the pair needed was a name which came as a “eueka moment,” claims Rhys during a text session in which they were bouncing ideas about around the word ‘crafty.’ “The devil came up and we loved it,” Rhys exclaimed. It was exactly the kind of name we were looking for.”

Adam then put construction on the back burner to focus solely on beer and started working in the pub trade whilst spending his spare time studying brewing recipes and techniques from around the world, while Rhys continues to split his time between his work at the Ministry of Defence and their new brewery located in an outbuilding of his Canton home.

Now the boys are planning on rolling out their beers on a wider scale across Cardiff and in line with their American influences and the pair’s penchant for puns, Crafty Devil’s core range will be made up of ALExi Lalas (named after the bushy haired American ‘soccer’ star) an American IPA titled Ale House Rock and an American Amber Ale called Triple A.

Their beers will be available in bottles at Roath Mackintosh Market every Saturday from July 12 and the Riverside Farmers’ Market fortnightly from July 20. The boys also hope to have their beers on tap at The Lansdowne in the future, as well as working on getting their kegs into other outlets.

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