Exotic Meat Night roundup

I know, I know, the blog’s Exotic Meat Night seems like a lifetime ago, and this write up is later than a sloth to Simba’s christening (or whatever that ceremony was at the beginning of The Lion King), but better late than never hey!

First off, thank you to everyone who got a ticket and headed down to the Urban Tap House for six delicious courses of exotic meat, and thanks to the team at Urban Tap House and Tiny Rebel for agreeing to our idea of a feast starring animals that are more at home on National Geographic than our plates, and finally a huge thank you to Paul Turley who came up with the masterful menu. As well as taking us all on a culinary safari, he totally dispelled any thoughts that crocodile and ostrich are better left in a bush tucker trial.

On the back of the tickets that Matt made for the night, was a little scoring section so that we could see which courses were the most popular and what everyone thought of each dish and the standout dish of the night (whether you loved it or you didn’t) was the crocodile cerviche. The snappy little fella was the real talking point of the night and really hit home just how much Paul is pushing the boundaries in Tap House. The most popular dish, with an average score of 8.3/10 was… drum roll please… the camel, shortly followed by the ostrich (8.1) and the springbok (7.7), with the kangaroo (7.3), zebra (6.9) and crocodile (6.7) bringing up the rear.

No matter what the scores were however, everyone had a blast and the beer suggestions were great to wash each of the courses down with.

Thanks again if you came, and if you did, let us know what your favourite dish was, or if you didn’t,¬†regale us with tales of some exotic meat you’ve chowed down on!


2 thoughts on “Exotic Meat Night roundup

  1. ‘Paul is a genius’ ‘pushing the boy series’ hahaha. Surprised you could taste the meat with your tongue that far up his arse.

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