Urban Tap House vs. The Rollin’ Hot Dog

The grand old United States of America is officially the most obese nation on this little planet of ours, and by the looks of the menu at the upcoming Independence Day feast at Urban Tap House featuring Cardiff’s favourite hot dog vendor, The Rollin’ Hot Dog, it’s easy to see why but who can really blame them… the food is just damned delicious.

Why just fry your chicken when you can soak it in buttermilk first?! Why simply dissolve an oxo cube in some boiling water for your gravy when you can add sausages to it?! Why would you want a dry steak when you can smother it in oozing cheese?! Americans just do it better, even of their waistbands take more of a battering than their corn dogs!


The mouth watering menu sees two of Cardiff’s greatest comfort food geniuses come together for the ultimate American inspired feast on July 4th and 5th. Paul Turley of Urban Tap House and Holly McDonald of The Rollin’ Hot Dog have teamed up to truly treat the taste buds of those in attendance of their Independence Day showdown.

“We got together and chatted about it and thought it would be good to go as American as possible!” said Paul, who has gained a reputation for his innovative and down right delicious burgers.

The gut busting event will be the first of a few food focused events that Paul and Tap House will be running over the next few months so you’ll need to get yourself some elasticated trousers (or should I say ‘pants’) in preparation!

It’s a booking only event but prices are yet to be confirmed so get in contact with Urban Tap House to book a table stat.


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