Burgerfest is back

With BBQ season well and truly here, burger fever is beginning to take over. The cold and rainy days are gone (well nearly) where we’d sit around the dinner table with a roast chicken and all the trimmings. The sun is out, the grill is fired up and meat is sizzling, but if you don’t want to trouble yourself with the fuss, Chapter will be holding their annual Burgerfest during the first week of July, so there’s no need to get your apron in a twist!

What started out as an ode to their best selling Welsh Beef Burger a couple years ago is now a firm favourite in any burger lover’s diary and after holding their first two successful gut busting Burgerfests, the chefs are back at their grills for a third run out between from Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th July.

The belt-bloating menu this year will include the following meaty, and not so meaty, treats:

  • Juicy Lucy-two burgers with an inner core of molten melted cheese
  • Sloppy Joe-a real shirt stainer, the patty is topped with a helping of chilli
  • Sloppy Jeff-Joe’s animal loving cousin prefers a veggie burger topped with veggie chilli and cheese
  • Harissa Spiced Chicken Burger-a Middle Eastern inspired burger, let’s just hope the spice isn’t as hot as the desert sun
  • Pulled Pork Burger-a real Southern-style BBQ treat between a bun
  • Venison-this isn’t a definite for the menu, but if it does appear, let’s just hope it’s not to deer
  • Laverbread burger-considered the Welsh’s caviar, this is a real treat and should bring the taste of the beach to Cardiff (note that’s the delicious taste of seaweed and not old washed up flip-flops)
  • Moroccan Lamb Burger-a succulent lamb burger that will surely make any hungry person go on a lamb-page

Accompanying the hefty burger menu, that would make any set of scales shake, will be a bunch of sides, salads and relishes and don’t forget to wash it all down with one of their milkshakes at the bar!

Chapter burgerfest


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