Brains Craft release Gin Lane

Over the past couple of weeks, Brains have been slowly teasing us with which of their roster of traditional and craft beers will be showing their hoppy heads at this weekend’s WAles Beer Festival at the Millennium Stadium.Gin Lane

As well as fan favourites such as Rev. James, SA Gold and Dark, a few familiar faces from their craft brewery will be poured at both of their bars at the beer gathering, but they will also be taking their latest creation; Gin Lane.

Debuting at the festival, Gin Lane (ABV 5%) brings together the flavours of gin and beer by combining the citrus aromas of a G&T with herbal, spicy hop flavours, as well as adding in gin botanicals to the brew such as juniper berries and crushed coriander seeds.The man in charge, Bill Dobson said, “This is something we’ve been working on for a while and we think we’ve found the perfect blend. It’s typical of the experimental beers we’ve been able to trial since launching the craft brewery.

“Gin Lane will be available at the Festival, while stocks last. We’re also taking a further 20 Brains beers to the festival, including another new beer  Brown Sauce.”

If you’re slightly dubious at the mix of gin flavours in your pint, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it as I’ve been assured that it’s bloody lovely!

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