Chapter Arts Centre’s Maibock Festival: Beer List

German beer festivals aren’t just autumnal events, so forget Oktoberfest and get excited for Maibock.

Running for five days, between Wednesday 21 until Sunday 25 May, the festival will see 25 different German beers poured into the glasses of the thirsty, as well as food pyramids piled high on the plates of the hungry, all in a celebration of the transitioning seasons.

Accompanying Chapter’s own Caffi Bar’s BBQ in the courtyard, Street Feast Cardiff will be making its debut at the Art Car Bootique, which coincides with the beer fest. The Street Feast will play host to some fine food artisans including Dirty Bird, Haute Dogs, Charcutier Ltd, Pizza Bois and Milgi.

And there’s no lack of beer to wash it down with, just set your eyes on the impressive beer list that Chapter have compiled:

Blond Beers

  • Andechs Spezial Hell 5.9% – Light, golden yellow with a fizzy white head and herbal hop notes.
  • Augustiner Edelstoff 5.6% – A crisp full-bodied lager, with slightly metallic notes.
  • Augustiner Hell 5.2% – Very smooth and a perfect balance of malt and hop flavour.
  • Darmstadter Pils 4.8% – A very classical German style pilsener; light-bodied, dry and bitter.
  • Dom Kolsch 4.8% – An excellent example of the Cologne brewing style. Refreshing flavour, very slight bitterness, some black pepper and good malts.
  • Konig Pils 4.9% – Amazing range of flavours, which includes notes of honey, apple and pine. An excellent beer from Hamburg.
  • Licher Pils 4.9% – This pilsener screams session! A kiss of lemon sweetness and fresh cut-grassy hops provides a perfect balance.
  • Pfungstadter Export 5.3% – A very fine example of the Dortmunder style and one of the most enjoyable Export beers. Much richer in flavour than a pilsener.
  • Pfungstadter Pils 4.9% – A fairly dry pilsener. Slightly sweet with a summery aroma.
  • Rothaus Pils 5.1% – Yellow golden, with brilliant clarity. Perfectly bittered, with the slightest buttery tone.
  • Schmucker Meister Pils 4.8% – A slightly peppery taste gives this beer a distinctive edge.
  • Tucher Pils 5% – Citrus nose and distinctive hops. Clean and highly drinkable pils that is initially very bitter.
  • Tucher Urbrau Hell 4.9% – A wonderful malty beer with very light hops and an almost sweet, buttery taste.

Dark Beers

  • Andechs Export Dunkel 4.9% – Pleasantly tangy with a full, round, malty body. The nuance of quality plain chocolate marries well with the soft bitterness of the smoky undertone.
  • Diebels Alt 4.8% – Using a brewing method which pre-dates conventional lager producing practices, this Rhineland beer is clean, crisp and dark.
  • Frankheim Alt 4.8% – A well rounded, deeply malty dark beer with a nice hop bite.
  • Pfungstadter 1831 Schwarzbier 5.3% – A black lager which possesses a deep aroma of plums and roasted nuts. The flavour is sweet, with caramel notes dominant. 

Wheat Beers

  • Darmstadter Hefe Hell 4.8% – Perhaps a little lighter in colour than most Hefeweizens. Easily drinkable and not too sweet.
  • Franziskaner Hefe Hell 5.0% – A citrus smelling weissbier, with a nice taste of bananas, coriander, cloves, and a little bit of honey.
  • Justus Hefeweizen Hell 4.9% – A very fruity traditional weissbier.
  • Konig Ludwig Hefe Hell 5.5% – A traditional Bavarian weissbier, with an aroma of banana, nutmeg and vanilla.
  • Paulaner Hefe Hell 5.5% – This beer needs no introduction. The brewery, opened in 1634, is set in the heart of Munich, and its beers are still a staple of Bavarian culture.
  • Schofferhofer Heffe Hell 5.0% – Slightly more bitter than most weissbiers, whilst retaining the usual look and aromas.
  • Tucher Hefe Hell 5.4% – A proper orange and cloudy looking wheat beer. Clove and lemon zest dominate the flavour.
  • Weihenstephan Dunkel Wiesse 5.3% – Smells like a fruit-garden, tastes like sweet bread, bananas, oranges and clove. This is a work of wheat beer art!

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