How to make IPA Guacamole

The Aztecs may be remembered for their ruthless war raging and for cutting out their compatriots beating hearts in human sacrifices, but they are also accredited for a lot less violent inventions, namely mandatory education, popcorn and more importantly; guacamole.

Guacamole, that vibrant green condiment which is literally translated as ‘avocado sauce.’ Mexican food is arguably one of the greatest cuisines in the world and guacamole just makes every single meaty empanada even more magical, every single taco even more delicious, every single chimichanga even more mouthwatering. It truly is a gift from the ancient Aztec Gods, and only one thing can surely make it better; beer.

Beer Guacamole


When making beer guacamole, the trick is to go for an IPA as the hops give it a little bit of a kick but don’t entirely steal the show away from the modest avocado. The other trick is the amount of beer you need to add to the mix. I find that 1/8 of a cup of beer per avocado should do just fine (it’s a lot easier to work out how much an eighth is if you have a set of those baking cups because then you can just half fill the 1/4 cup one obviously)!

For the beer guacamole, all you will need is (this served just me so increase as needed):

  • 1 avocado
  • 1/8 cup of beer
  • 2 cherry tomatoes
  • a few jalapeños (sliced ones not whole, that’s just madness)
  • a squirt of lime

For the beer, I went with a St Andrews IPA as the tropical notes are accentuated and if you close your eyes, you can almost imagine yourself on a beach in the Riviera Maya or somewhere (or maybe not). Instead of opting for the bog standard jalapeños, I used my go to jalos whenever making any kind of Mexican feast; The Preservation Society’s Candied Jalapeños. The sweetness helps cut through the bitterness of the beer and the flavours fuse together just swell.

All you need to do to make the guacamole is scoop out the avocado into a bowl, finely chop the tomatoes and the jalapeños and chuck them in the bowl then squeeze a bit of lime juice in. Pour in the beer and mash it all together with a fork. Obviously people often put coriander in the mix but to me, it’s the devil and as such has been banished from my household.

Did you make it? What beer did you use? Tweet pics and tell me @thegrillbarrel


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