Beer art: Hell Yeah Beer

Beer is as much a part of rock n’ roll culture as hot rods emblazoned with flames roaring from the wheel arch, chins that are bushier than a seventies porn star’s hoohar, pin up girls and skull tattoos.

It therefore only seemed natural to Flo and Dirk ‘The Pixeleye’ Behlau, of Hell Yeah Beer in Nuremberg, to ink up their beer with some rock n’ roll artwork when deciding on their hardcore and plain beastly branding. “We asked our friend and tattoo artist, Maze, to design us a hard line logo and graphic design,” explained Flo “The outcome is now on the cans!”

Hell Yeah, a partnership between “brewery guy” Flo and rock n’ roll lifestyle photographer Dirk, enlisted the talents of Cologne based tattoo artist Von Maze, who subsequently swapped his usual canvas of skin for the project and came up with the skull design that adorns their premium German lager. “Besides that,” said Flo, “Dirk invented the black and white branding which is so very different to what we are used to in the beer business.”

The in your face, badass branding is a stark contrast to what Flo was used to, and it is no surprise therefore that the brewery was subsequently born after shooting a “boring brewery campaign.” Whilst enjoying a few brews following the photo-shoot, the pair started discussing beer ingredients. “Besides handmade quality and the best ingredients, we wanted to add the rock n’ roll flavor; raw, kick ass, self-determined attitude!” explained Flo. “After I asked Dirk if he would be interested in doing a beer like that, he yelled ‘Hell Yeah!’ and the name was born.”

A far cry from traditional beer and ale designs, Hell Yeah is a salute to their rock n’ roll roots and Dirk and Flo have most definitely succeeded in shaking up what a beer can should traditionally look like.

And if there were any doubts about how rock n’ roll their beers are, here’s a video that proves it…

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