Beer art: Gwaun Valley Brewery

Former farmers, Len and Sarah Davies, made the move from the edge of Black Mountain to the Gwaun Valley 15 years ago in search of greener pastures for their livestock. Upon setting eyes on the Pembrokeshire valley, the couple were instantly struck by the stunning scenery of the rolling Preseli Hills.

It wasn’t for a further few years that they would make the switch from farming to brewing but when they did, there was no question for them as to what would grace the front of their bottles; scenes from the valley itself and Sarah, a keen musician and artist, is the one who paints them.

Both the farmhouse brewery and all the Gwaun Valley ales are decorated with Sarah’s water colours of the idyllic valley, the Pembrokeshire coastline, various historic buildings located in the nearby village of Pontfaen as well as the stain glass windows in the local church for their Christmas ale; Ginger Bells.

“I take inspiration from the farm and the surrounding area, such as the bluebells down in the valley,” she explained. A water colourist for many years, Sarah used to teach at Aberystwyth University, and claims she never tires of finding inspiration in their idyllic surroundings.

Watercolours taking inspiration from the Gwaun Valley

Watercolours taking inspiration from the Gwaun Valley painted by Sarah Davies

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