Paleo pop-up proves popular: Paleo Diners Club at The Deck

Pop-ups seem to be literally popping up all over Cardiff. Their dynamic and flexible nature allow them to test the water with various recipes before taking the plunge, like Got Beef, and investing in a place of their own.

With Got Beef leaving the pop-up scene, a meaty void has been created but stepping up to the plate is Paleo Diners Club.

A partnership between Paleo Nutrition Wales, owned by rugby ace Emyr Lewis, and The Deck café in Cardiff Bay, they are adding a whole new depth to Cardiff’s blossoming foodie scene.

“We work closely with Paleo Nutrition Wales who has helped advise us throughout and will continue to support and supply us in the future,” said Debra Brown who owns the café along with her hubbie and chef Mike. “It has always been a dream of Emyr’s to bring a Paleo menu to Cardiff, and to cater for the Paleo way of eating,” she continued.

The former rugby pro turned paleo prince now heads up, with his master butcher father, an online store catering to the caveman needs of Wales’ paleo population. Stocking foods from meat to coconut oil, everything on their website fits in with the Paleo way of life but they also offer advice and information on the diet.

Having successfully sold out all of the tickets for their first pop-up last week in just 90 minutes, the Diners Club had a lot to live up to and they didn’t seem to disappoint the 25 eager diners. The menu, far from what you may expect from a caveman diet, boasted three courses, each with a choice of two options.

A steak fit for a caveman (Pic attributed to The Deck)

A steak fit for a caveman (Pic attributed to The Deck)

Without a Sabre Tooth Tiger Steak insight and not even a sniff of Woolly Mammoth Meatballs, the menu featured such gems as Mussels Marinade to start (mussels in an organic sulphate free wine with garlic and lemon thyme), followed by pan friend grass fed sirloin steak cooked in coconut ghee served with Mediterranean vegetables, marinaded in honey, garlic and rosemary, with a side of sweet potato and butternut squash mash infused with coconut cream drizzled with a fresh strawberry and pepper jus. Now that must have been a mouthful both to order and to eat!

To end the evening, the choice of dessert was between a coconut and avocado cheesecake on a shredded date base with raspberries, and a carrot and walnut cake with coconut and honey frosting, served with ground walnut crumble.

Despite never catering for a Paleo audience, the night went off without a hitch. “It was fabulous,” said Mike and Debra. “Having never cooked or baked Paleo before the event, we were naturally slightly apprehensive!

“These people choose to follow a clean living, Paleo lifestyle and would quickly identify if we got it wrong. There is no room for error using the complex ingredients needed,” the couple continued. “All the ingredients are organic and sourced from select suppliers to provide ultimate freshness, so you can’t just pop to the local supermarket if you make a mistake last minute!”

If you missed the first event fear not because The Deck and Paleo Nutrition Wales will be serving up more steaks and caveman cakes at the end of April after an invite only event on the 16th and if the sun sticks around be sure to expect “weather grill nights and pop-up hog!”

“The Paleo Diners Club is here…” Debra and Mike proudly stated, “and it’s staying.”

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