Beer art: Brains Craft Brewery

Launched in May 2012, Brains Craft Brewery’s cartoon artwork is consistent across their many collaboration craft beers, which was designed by Celf Creative of Cardiff Bay.

“We decided on using a pictorial representation of the brewery in our branding to educate drinkers and to honour our brewers,” said Ffion Jones of Brains. “The branding is used throughout the clips, keg lenses and bottles,” she continued.

The aim of such branding was to distinguish the craft brewery from the traditional core range of Brains’ offerings, as well as to attract a younger, more contemporary and fun audience due to changing demographics of the ‘typical beer drinker,’ who is now aged between 20-30 and is “looking for more variety in their drinks repertoire rather than a tried-and-tested favourite.”

As well as brewing a huge array of different flavours and styles of beer, Brains Craft also run a yearly challenge where they invite collaborators to brew with them. The collaborator’s caricature is then used across their particular beer’s branding.

Despite their more modern and contemporary stance, the craft brewery doesn’t shy away from their traditional roots. “A key facet for us however was to keep the Brains name prominent as we’re proud of our heritage as quality brewers and as a brand drinkers trust,” Ffion said.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 21.08.58

Brains Craft’s consistent cartoon labels, but their flavours certainly aren’t all the same!


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