Beer art: The Handmade Beer Co.

As you may think, the beer at The Handmade Beer Co., is clearly made by hand, but the brewer’s handiwork doesn’t stop there.

“I design all of my own stuff,” said Ian Bowler, owner and head brewer. “I worked for nearly 15 years at an advertising agency in Cardiff,” he continued, “so I picked up a lot of creative and design skills along the way.”

Starting off as a junior artworker in the production studio of Golley Slater, Ian worked his way up, refining and perfecting his design and photography skills. “I moved on from there and worked as a freelance graphic designer and photographer until I moved to the wilds of West Wales,” he explained.

Escaping the busy capital for the countryside, he still does occasional jobs for clients, but the majority of his current design portfolio is filled with designs for his brewery.

“As you can imagine, I save a fortune on design and photography for the brewery, however, it can be difficult designing your own stuff,” he admitted.  “I went through a lot of ideas before arriving at the final ‘handmade’ branding we have today.”

The hand drawn style artwork adorning their bottle conditioned beers and pump clips reflects the rustic hand made nature that the brewery has become known for.

“I’ve had quite a few positive comments on the design,” Ian continued, “so I guess it must be OK!”

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 14.46.26

Hand made labels on hand made beer (Pic attributed to Jordan Harris but labels courtesy of The Hand Made Beer Co.)

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