How to make breakfast bites

As this is the 100th article to be posted on the blog, I wanted to make it a little special. After browsing 9GAG the other day, I stumbled on what can only be described as heavenly; if God has a pet rabbit, and I know he has because I doubt my deceased rabbit Flopper went to Hell (yeah he used to bite but he wasn’t evil, just over enthusiastic with his kisses), then his pet rabbit’s poos would surely be these little bundles of joy.

Taking inspiration from the recipe on 9GAG, I’ve put a Grill & Barrel twist on it and have created the most amazing Breakfast Bites that will ever pass your lips. They make the perfect breakfast, an ideal Hors d’oeuvre at a dinner party or even just as a tasty little snack and they are dead easy to make.

Easy as pie (Pic attributed to Jordan Harris)

Easy as pie (Pic attributed to Jordan Harris)

The ingredients for it differ and you can fill it with a whole variety of different bits but you will need some sort of buttered up baking dish/ramekin to fill with your breakfasty goodness. For mine I’ve gone with a bread base (I also tried a rosti but bread soaks up the juice better) and a bacon shell (which are both probably essentials) but fill it with whatever tickles your fancy. I went with fried diced mushroom, tomato and some bacon and leak sausage from the Caermynydd Piggery. Then crack an egg on the top and season with mixed herbs and whack it in the oven for about 20 minutes on 200°C or until the bacon has gone nice and crispy.

Take it out the oven and get it down you! Serve it with whatever the heck you want; beans, mushrooms, toast… it goes with everything!

'Cos Weetabix is for wimps (Pic attributed to Jordan Harris)

‘Cos Weetabix is for wimps (Pic attributed to Jordan Harris)

Top Tips:

  • Don’t put cling film in the over, bad things happen. I thought I’d use it instead of buttering the baking tray. Didn’t work. It melts.
  • Use shallow cupcake/muffin trays and the egg is less overcooked but you can’t put as much filling in them!

6 thoughts on “How to make breakfast bites

  1. My Sunday morning lie in bed time is reading all the digests. Then this. Now I either have to get up and eat or whimper until MrsPdubyah brings toast. I’ll be making these for brunch. Or sooner, I can’t wait for toast.

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