Grill & Barrel Magazine Issue 2 launch

If you haven’t already read the launch issue of the magazine created by myself and my coursemates at Cardiff University, you really are missing out, but don’t worry because you can still read it online and we’ve just put up the second issue too!

The second magazine is mainly history themed featuring an interview with one of Cardiff markets oldest butchers, retro beer ads, 100 years of beer and meat trends, a handy guide on dinosaur meat, as well as some other sweet bits and bobs like an interview with Pipes Brewery, a piece on the craft beer revolution and a new Unloved Cut. As it’s a weekly edition it’s shorter than the first, but remember, good things come in small packages!

Click on the pic to read it!

Click on the pic to read it!

Sadly, that will be the last issue us magazine Masters students will be making, but stay tuned because we will be putting together all the best bits to create a mega mag to enter into a student magazine award and we are going for gold!


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