Craftbowl to open at The Celt Experience

The Celt Experience has been driving in the fast lane, guns blazing and continuing to innovate and prove to the world that brewing isn’t just about beer. Tom Newman and his brewery is bringing together a variety of different elements of beer drinking culture together into a brand that encompasses beer, food, music, art and plain old good times.

After the recent success of the Fire Festival, featuring BBQ goddesses Hang Fire Smokehouse and rockers Super Furry Animals, the announcement that The Wheatsheaf Rooms will reopen as a pub specialising in craft beer and pizzas, the brewery is now getting ready for their latest venture; Craftbowl.

“We’ve got a two lane 10 pin bowling alley up at the brewery site,” said Rhodri Malin, “With four keg lines serving cask beer as well as beers from the nanobrewery and a supply of specials,” the man in charge of the alley continued. Bowling and beers sounds like a better match than bangers and mash but it doesn’t stop there.

“There will be a craft crepe station and each crepe will be tailor made for the beer flavours,” he continued.

Beer, bowling, and thin French pancakes; now that sounds like a threesome of fun right there! “It’s quite cool and unique,” Rhodri explained.

Not only does the bowling alley boast a crepe station and bar, it features a massive mural that runs the length of the lanes painted by Chicago based artist Sarah Ogren. Sarah has previously worked with The Celt Experience on the Shapeshifter Series labels and has helped to create the brewery’s mysterious and eerie image. “I have to try to get my mind in a dark and creepy place,” Sarah explained about her inspiration for these pieces, “I’ll spend some time looking at horror movie themed art and photography, fantasy art, and surrealistic art.”

The idea came about when tossing up between a canning line and a bowling alley and everyone will certainly agree they’ve made the right decision! The lanes will be opening to the public on 21 March, as well as for private hire, and the alley will be available for use on Friday nights and Saturday during the day.


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