The Gravity Station opens its doors

Anticipation has been building over the past couple of months as Cardiff’s craft beer drinkers have been awaiting the opening of The Waen Brewery’s very own bottle shop come bar.

Situated on Barrack Lane, The Gravity Station swung its doors open to the public for the first time today and has already been causing quite a stir on social media, although manager Jim Swindenbank remains humble.

“With superb local places like Urban Tap House, City Arms and upcoming BrewDog venue within walking distance not to mention The Bottle Shop on Albany Road nearby we’re going to have our work cut out!” Jim said prior to the launch, “Ultimately, however, we’re just hoping to add to what’s evolving into an exciting and burgeoning real ale scene in our fair capital.”

The shop, a welcome addition to the city, is sure to do just that with its unique offerings. If a pub met a bottle shop in a bar, had a couple too many Chilli Plum Porters and ended up having a one night stand resulting in a baby, the product would be The Gravity Station. Boasting a large, and growing, selection of bottled beers stacked on scaffolding-esque shelves, as well as having multiple beers quite literally on tap, The Gravity Station isn’t your average bottle shop nor is it your bog standard bar; it is a magnificent cross breed between the two.

With its purple walls, scaffolding, futuristic metal table and matching ‘W’ on the wall, paddles used for serving 1/3 pints, not to mention the garden style taps from which pints, halves and thirds are poured from, as well as the takeaway bags for the beers on tap, The Gravity Station really is a unique and refreshing accompaniment to Cardiff’s evolving craft beer scene and is sure to carve out its own niche in the coming months.


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