Something Brewed & Something Chewed: The Rev. James & Cheese

In talking about beer with food I was always going to return to this favourite. The pairing that first made me realise the potential of putting together something brewed and something chewed. Once again on the beer’s home turf, I took to Brains’ city centre bar and restaurant 33 Windsor Place to enjoy a trusty pint of The Rev. James (4.5%) with its perfect partner: cheese.

Cheese, to me, is simply essential. And The Rev. James, in all its warming glory, will always be a favourite brew. Putting them together is perfection. The cheese sharing board at 33 Windsor Place comprised of three delicious Welsh cheeses; Perl Wen, Perl Las and Collier’s Cheddar served with apple, caperberries, a fantastic piccalilli and, most appropriately, The Rev. James ale chutney. Having sampled it several times before, I knew what I was in for – I hasten to add at this point that I did not finish the entire sharing board alone, as much as I easily could have; my friend opted for a lovely red wine, also perfectly partnered, of course.

With the first mouthful of both cheese and beer that familiar sense of all being well with the world returned. The satisfying spice of this beer marries wonderfully with creamy cheese in a way that just has to be experienced, so I would implore anyone to do so – I certainly will do, again and again!

Cheeseboard + Rev James  - 33 Windsor Place

Photo attributed to Danny Champken.


4 thoughts on “Something Brewed & Something Chewed: The Rev. James & Cheese

  1. I went to my first beer and cheese tasting in Melbourne, and although they trotted out the obligatory fosters and victoria beers, there were some great micro-brewery offerings. Great night out, and far more palatable than wine and cheese!

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