The Gravity Station set to open this month

Cardiff’s real ale scene has taken huge strides in recent months and is in the process of asserting itself as a city with a wide offering of craft beers. The latest news on everyone’s lips may be that BrewDog will be venturing into our capital, but perhaps even more exciting is The Waen Brewery’s latest venture; The Gravity Station.

The Gravity Station is “hoping to add to what’s evolving into an exciting and burgeoning real ale scene,” says the manager, Jim Swidenbank.

“We’re essentially going to be a bottle shop first and foremost and aim to stock a wide ranging selection of beers not currently available anywhere else in Cardiff,” he said.

The shop doesn’t plan on selling any particular types of beer as their aim is to “introduce people to some new tastes and new breweries,” says Jim.

“There are so many wonderful independent and unique breweries operating worldwide,” he continued, “So we’re confident we can bring in an array of beers that people have never tried before.”

The Gravity Station, located on Barrack Lane in Cardiff centre, may be a bottle shop, but that’s not all they will be offering. An array of different beers will be available on tap, which will enable punters to sample different beers before deciding which bottles to buy, based on their preference. “The beers will be elevated and served directly, which is where the ‘gravity’ name came from and we’ll offer tasting trays consisting of a selection of ale in 1/3 pint glasses.”

But what if you fancy something on tap that may not be available in a bottle? Well fear not, because Jim has sourced a method of enabling customers to take home a few pints, but the specifics however are tightly under wraps!


The Gravity Station have no confirmed opening date as of yet but hope their beer pumps will be flowing for the public by the end of the month.


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