Something Brewed & Something Chewed: The Rollin’ Hot Dog Co.

In my beer and food pairing mission I next wanted to match some beers to dishes from the kind of Cardiff eateries that The Grill & Barrel actively supports.

My best friend recently founded The Rollin’ Hot Dog Co., a food offering quite unique in Cardiff; quality American style hot dogs with a variety of toppings served from a mobile facility usually based at Cardiff Fashion Quarter on Womanby Street. The Rollin’ Hot Dog Co.’s first ever customer was Jordan, resulting in a glowing review here on The Grill & Barrel, and as a personal favourite lunch choice of mine, I thought I’d see what beer could match up to the delicious dogs.

The Seattle Dog sees a frankfurter nestled in a bun spread with cream cheese, and topped with tomatoes, gherkins, sauerkraut and mustard. Matching a beer to this particular dog was an interesting task, as it all really depends on what tune you want the ingredients to sing to, what dance you want them to play across your tongue. I opted for the appropriately German Flensburger Pilsener (4.8%), whose bubbles and not-quite-medium body meant that the Seattle Dog was allowed to be the star of the show. Not a bad match, but I’ll definitely be revisiting with some more varied pairings, as I think the dog could stand up to more competition. Perhaps even Brains’ Bragging Rights (which also makes a lovely cake!), as the sweetness and spice would offer a whole new dimension to the pungent kraut.



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