Meet the Brewer: Steve Laidler of The Kite Brewery

The Kite Brewery is so named due to the brew plant’s proximity to an area of Carmarthen where the Red Kite is an established bird of prey. Like the majestic Red Kite, the brewery is a big player in its environment, and was the natural progression for The Glamorgan Beer Company.

Set up in 2011, The Kite Brewery was the brainchild of ex-head brewer Iain Masson, but has recently undergone some changes. Kite has relocated from its site at Cwmcerrig Farm, Gorslas, to a bigger brew plant near Llantrisant, and the man behind the beers is now Steve Laidler. I recently caught up with the man himself in a quick fire Q&A.

How and when did you get into brewing?

I started brewing in 2010. I was the landlord of The Torbay Inn, Ffairfach (nr Llandeilo) and kept 4 cask ales and the interest in beer started. I sold the pub to Brains in 2009 and always wanted to get into brewing.

What is your past brewing experience?

I have only known brewing beer at Kite Brewery. We started off brewing in a 10 barrel plant at Cwmcerrig Farm in Gorslas before we acquired a state of the art 30 barrel brew plant at our new home in Llantrisant.

If you weren’t a head brewer, what would you be?

I am a scratch golfer so would like to have become pro. Well at least try!

What makes the perfect beer?

If you try our Welsh Pale Ale (WPA), that for me is the perfect beer. Clean, crisp and very refreshing with a subtle hint of bitterness.

What is your favourite style of beer?

I couldn’t possibly say but I am enjoying the wonderful Porters at the moment.

What is your favourite beer?

If there were no Kite beers then I would have to say…Young’s Special.

What do you love about brewing?

Every day is a different day.


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