Exotic Meat Night at Urban Tap House

The Grill & Barrel is bringing a night of exotic meat to Urban Tap House. On Wednesday 12th March there will be six, yes six, taster courses of meat from all four corners of the globe in our favourite Cardiff food and drink establishment. From kangaroos fresh from the outback, to zebras of the savannah. This is your chance to have a safari on your plate.

If you’re worried about sampling some of these meats, don’t sweat boys and girls, this is no bush tucker trial! All the meals will be created, prepared and cooked by the man behind the insanely good burgers of Urban Tap House, Paul Turley (follow him on Twitter). All courses will have a suggested beer to compliment them, these will be chosen by in house expert Chi. You can go crazy and get on the pints or more conservative and order them in thirds so you can have a taster without breaking the bank or risking a headache!

Here’s Paul’s amazing menu.

Peg Board menu copy

The six courses will only cost £25. You will be getting a total of 13.5 oz of meat for this so it’s a bit of a steal. Tickets are limited to just 40, so you won’t want to miss out. Trust us.

Tickets are available from the bar in Urban Tap House. We hope to present more of these nights in the future so if you miss out, keep your eyes peeled for the next event.


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