Beer Tasting #1

Went to the Super Magic Beer Shop (The Discount Supermarket on Whitchurch Road to the uninitiated). I was supposed to be buying presents. I ended up buying a handful for myself.


Bully (Photo attributed to Matt Jarrett)

Bear Republic Racer 5. The label describes this as an aggressive IPA. It is. It has a very strong hoppy smell but not the sort you get in a squash court. This is more a statement of intent, the hops haven’t bothered exercising, they’re offering you out for a fight behind the leisure centre. I’m drinking it while mulching my way through some goats cheese and chilli sauce. It works. It’s dry and full and 7%. It’s an attention seeking bastard but one you want to be friends with.

Not a raging inferno.

Not a raging inferno (Photo attributed to Matt Jarrett)

I’ve never come across Pressure Drop brewery before. I like their labels. I buy two. The first I open is the Pale Fire. Aside from it being 4.8%, I know nothing about this. Given the name, I expect a bit of a hint of smoke. Maybe there is, maybe it’s an aftermath of the bacon I cooked earlier. It has more aroma than it does flavour to be honest. It’s quite hoppy and quite nice but I expected more.

Orangey. And lovely.

Orangey. And lovely (Photo attributed to Matt Jarrett)

Brew By Numbers. 01|01 Saison Citrus. This looks new but is bottled at the Kernel brewery so I’m hoping it’ll be nice. I open it. Definite citrus smell, more orange than lemon actually. I like this. It’s the sort of thing I could drink lots of. Probably shouldn’t though, it’s 5.5%, I’ll end up texting a girl I like and somehow finding myself in City Pizza. Luckily I’ve just bought the one so I’ll savour it’s taste and pretend it doesn’t remind me a little bit of a hairdresser’s.

Should come with a health warning.

Should come with a health warning (Photo attributed to Matt Jarrett)

NP10. It’s by Tiny Rebel but doesn’t have a cute beer. This should be a warning. It smells of strong pilsner and pretty much is. Officially it’s a Belgian Golden Strong Ale but if Jeff Goldblum was on my sofa, he’d be telling me that all the sugar had turned to alcohol. There must’ve been a fuckload of sugar. You can taste that it’s going to kill you if you have half a dozen but you wouldn’t guess it was 10%. It’s just gorgeous. There’s not a massive aftertaste but it’s boozy and full and could probably win the car lifting contest on World’s Strongest Man.

Jamie Carragher.

Jamie Carragher (Photo attributed to Matt Jarrett)

Pressure Drop Bosko I.P.A. 6.5%. Either doesn’t taste anything like that or it just tastes week compared to the 10 per cent-er. Nice actually. Smells like the last Pressure Drop and like the last one, tastes less hoppy than it smells. I’ve decided I quite like these. They don’t have the strong flavours of the others but I’d definitely have a few of them. Like Jamie Carragher. Not spectacular but if you were offered 11 of them, you’d snap someone’s hand off. They’ve left me wanting more and you can’t fault that.


3 thoughts on “Beer Tasting #1

  1. Great reviews. I need to frequent this place, it’s just down the road from me.

    Have you also checked out the Bottle Shop on Pen Y Lan Rd (just off Albany Rd)? They have an awesome selection of craft beers, and a nice brown labrador called Watson lives there. Worth a visit.

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