Munchesters mixes traditional Indian cuisine with contemporary cooking

Munchesters is the latest food sensation to hit the streets of Cardiff. After successful food tasting sessions a few days prior to their official opening at the beginning of the week, the on-the-go café is becoming the go to place for the capital’s shoppers and workers alike.

Specialising in quick and easy food, Munchesters is the brainchild of popular Purple Poppadom chef, Anand George, but the man in charge is head chef Kuldeep Singh.

Kuldeep in his kitchen (pic courtesy of Jordan Harris)

Kuldeep in his kitchen (Photo attributed of Jordan Harris)

Learning his trade in India, Kuldeep worked the kitchens of Taj Hotels for eight years before trying his hand at cooking for London’s elite in various Michelin Star restaurants such as The Waterside Inn.

“The food is a mix of traditional Indian recipes and contemporary cooking,” says the chef but it’s not just Indian food that they serve. Each day the team prepares sandwiches, wraps, salads and stews from scratch which are influenced “by a variety of different countries,” he continues.

The pulled pork wrap is Chinese, the roast chicken is English, the beef is a Kerela recipe and the lamb takes inspiration from time-honoured Indian cooking principles. A mix of rogan josh and Rajasthani techniques, the lamb shoulder is marinated and cooked for 24 hours so “that it is so tender it falls off the bone.”  The wraps themselves are “inspired by Indian chapattis” and are made each morning.

The flavours of the soups and stews depend on what they can get from suppliers. “One day we might make a roasted butternut stew but the next day we will make a lentil soup,” Kuldeep explains. You can bet your bottom dollar however, that whatever they can get their hands on; it’ll taste like magic.

Munchesters’ salads aren’t your run of the meal box of greens either. Made fresh, they are inspired by revolutionary salad chef Yotam Ottolenghi who is best known as ‘the man who sexed up vegetables.’

The Munchesters’ team are really putting their stamp on midday dining and after trying one of their wraps you won’t want to go anywhere else in your lunch hour again.

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2 thoughts on “Munchesters mixes traditional Indian cuisine with contemporary cooking

  1. Nice post ! Indian cooking is often perceived as intimidating due to the use of a wide range of unusual ingredients and complex cooking procedures. Modern Indian cooking is an attempt to recreate classic Indian dishes by using simplistic techniques along with juxtaposing non-Indian ingredients with traditional ingredients

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