Recipes our readers have cooked

The Grill & Barrel is not only a place where I invite you to come and read about Welsh food and beer, it’s a community and as such, all contributions will be welcomed with open and loving arms (but not in a creepy way). Whether that be restaurant reviews, pub and beer reviews, photos of your favourite meal, or recipes, I want to hear from you!

Ok, now let’s get down to the cooking!

I love adding beer to recipes and a couple of readers have given a couple of them a go.

First off is Argentum Vulgaris based in Brazil, a fellow beer blogger who also dabbles in other alcoholic beverages on the blog Things That Fizz.  He gave the beer French toast recipe a whirl.

After trying the recipe for himself, which may I add is my favourite beer related recipe I’ve tried, he had the following to say:

I can report, this morning, that it is delicious, of course being descended from good British stock, mine was accompanied with bacon, pan-fried slices of potato and stewed tomatoes making it similar to a full English Breakfast.

Being as it was post-Coffee, it was accompanied by a large beer handle of Chateau Neuf de Sparkling Mineral Water,

I recommend trying it, nay, I urge you to try it, you’ll never look ordinary French toast in the same way again.

Now if that doesn’t make you want to try it out then I don’t know what will!

Second is one of the blog’s loyal twitter followers, Si Winter, or Zombie Si (I’m not sure which is his name by birth). Si gave the drunken chip recipe a bash and even tweaked it a little to make it even better, stating “This is how recipes get perfected!” Well Si, a truer word was never spoken.

Zombie Si's chips marinading in some FUBAR (Pic courtesy of Si Winter)

Zombie Si’s chips marinading in some FUBAR (Photo attributed to Si Winter)

Si used a bottle of FUBAR from Tiny Rebel and rather than pouring the beer marinade over the chips before sticking them in the oven, he put them in dry but took them out halfway through and tossed in salt, pepper and marinade. Si accompanied his drunken chips with some delicious looking bacon and blue cheese burgers (minus the bacon because he lacked a pan to cook them in).

The finished burgers and chips (Pic courtesy of Si winter)

The finished burgers and chips (Photo attributed to Si winter)

“It’s a hell of an idea,” he said, “I’d never think of marinading chips.” But I’m sure he was glad he did and kindly said they were “awesome.”

Give one of the recipes a try or send in your own to or tweet @thegrillbarrel


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