Provisional Exotic Meat Feast at The Urban Tap House

I know, I know, you’re probably sick of meat based polls but this will be the last one for a while. Pinky promise.

This poll won’t benefit you in the form of a top notch feature article like the veal one will, this one could benefit you in the form of a plate piled high with exotic meats, deliciously rustled up by Paul at The Urban Tap House.

We have been in talks with The Urban Tap House and have provisionally planned on hosting a Grill & Barrel meat feast night full of weird and wonderful meats from all four corners of the globe, all accompanied with fine beers and ales.

The meaty menu will include the likes of kangaroo, crocodile, zebra, camel and spring bok. Paul Turley will be working on an exotically wacky menu consisting of a course for each meat to give you a chance to sample these far flung meats.

We all think the night would be a right laugh and we are all itching to get our gobs on some Roo steaks, but we want to know what you think! Would you be interested in chowing down on these and washing them down with the perfect beer to suit each meat? Let us know and hopefully we can bring the very first Grill & Barrel night to Cardiff!


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