Oscars of Cowbridge reviewed

Oscars of Cowbridge is without a shadow of a doubt, my all time favourite restaurant this side of The Severn. But saying that, I can’t really think of a better eatery over the way on England’s green and pleasant lands, and therefore it has to be my favourite restaurant in this collection of countries that make up our United Kingdom.

As I have graced Oscar’s with my presence more times than your Nan’s done a crossword, I won’t review just one visit. Oh no, it’ll be like a montage of best bits. You know like when someone’s booted off Big Brother and they show you a clip of that person in all their cringey glory? Oh, you don’t know because no one watches it anymore. Well, you get the picture.

Here are Oscar’s best bits!

Let’s start at the beginning; why do I rate this snug little restaurant so highly? Is it the welcoming and attentive waiters? Is it their frequently changing menu which makes every visit like a box of chocolates because in the words of Forrest Gump, “You never know what your gonna get.” Is it that they serve my favourite beer; Tomos Watkin? Or is it because it was the first restaurant I ate in this fine country that wasn’t a Harvester? Well it may be due to some of these things, but it’s mainly down to one thing; the Sea Salt Chilli Duck.

Oh sweet Mary, mother of baby Jesus, born in a stable on Christmas day, that duck!

The Sea Salt Chilli Duck is the starter of champions, and you’ll wish you could order it as a main too. Oh wait, you can! Their Pick & Mix allows you to choose three starters and they’ll put them on a plate and serve it up to you. This maybe the most expensive pick ‘n’ mix in the world at £17.50 (well unless your parents let you go a bit wild in your youth not realising how many milk bottles and foam shrimps you can actually stuff into one of those paper bags), but it is worth it.


Photo attributed to Lauren Williams

How can Oscar top his deliciously divine duck starter? The Quinoa & Roast Vegetable Chilli.

I’m not usually one for veggie dishes, but this…this is something else.

Whether you pronounce it keen-wa or kwin-o-ah, those little grains of joy are cooked to perfection and when mixed with the roast veg chilli, it’s like the ancient Mayan Gods of Mexico are throwing a fiesta on your tongue.

I hate it when I order a chilli and get a side dish of plain, stale Doritos, so to have these homemade jumbo tortilla chips to dip and scoop, is a real treat. The only downside is the portion. A little on the small side but then again you’re already quite full off the duck so you aren’t left with a belly howling like Professor Lupin during a full moon.

Look it even has a tortilla crown as the King of Chilli

Look it even has a tortilla crown as the King of Chilli ((Photo attributed to Jordan Harris)

Just when you thought that Oscar had hit his peak and there’s no way left to go but downhill, he hits you with his dessert menu. A sweet selection of waffles, brownies and ice cream, and if you don’t fancy any of them, then order a milkshake because they are the bomb.

Of all my visits to Oscars, I have only ever been disappointed once, and that was with their lunch time menu. I ordered a pulled pork wrap but unfortunately there was not much pork however the day was saved because my girlfriend cleverly ordered the sea salt chilli duck in a wrap, so I obviously got bites!

I am yet to try Oscars of Cardiff but I imagine it’s the twin brother of the same name and hence will be equally delicious, and so if you don’t fancy the journey to Cowbridge, be sure to stop by the one right here in our capital.


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